VPS Server Administration | Linux Server Administration

Server Administration
I have accumulated over 10 years experience with various Linux distributions including recent work with several of the popular VPS providers of Linux VPS Hosting. I can setup databases, virtual Apache servers configured, SSH security tightened up (no root access/alternate port), updates installed, WordPress or Drupal installed. I can also setup a simple monitor script to notify you if your website is unresponsive, Openvpn is something that I’ve spent quite a bit of time with as well. I’m also familiar with Postfix, and to a lesser degree Sendmail and Exim.

Web Applications
I’ve installed a wide range of web applications, mail software such as Zarafa, ticketing systems such as RT, to-do list management software and several others. Many of these applications can be good building blocks for in-house collaboration on your own private intranet server in the cloud!

Additionally if you need someone to install WordPress plugins and themes or make minor tweaks to your themes that is another area that I’m comfortable with.

With Drupal I am familiar with DRUSH for installing and updating Drupal installs and can install modules and themes for Drupal as well as perform configuration tasks.

I’m most familiar with Bash scripting for automation of tasks at the command line and have developed scripts to handle the updating of multiple wordpress blogs on a single site, automated database backup routines, status check scripts, and text parsing scripts.

Don’t see something listed here? Many things related to Linux or LAMP servers are doable and I am comfortable enough at the command line to tackle many projects that I haven’t listed here. Just use the link below to get in touch with me and tell me what your project requires.

For these services I charge $25 per half hour. If an item requires research that is billable time as well. Let me know what your project requires and I’ll try to give an estimate of the amount of time required.

Contact Us to let me know what you need to get done!

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