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We offer SEO Services in the Asheville area. SEO Services might best be described as “web marketing”. Today most people use the internet to search for product or services that they need or want. I know many business owners were once pleased just to be able to search for their business name and find that it was listed. Unfortunately that’s not enough to compete today. In todays environment web searchers don’t know your business name yet, they just know what THEY need to have done. “Plumbing Repair” is an excellent example. Now, the search engines will typically give you local results to your area whether or not you search for “asheville plumbing repair” or “plumbing repair in asheville”.

So what we will do if you purchase one of our monthly SEO service maintenance packages? Depending on the package we will target at least anywhere from 1-20 keywords that our research indicates should give the most traffic and we will work to improve your search rankings for those terms. This may require some work done to your website as part of our onsite SEO services.

Ultimately we would love to have your business dominate the top results for the keyword phrases we target. Results do vary, but we have had good results dominating the top 10 (and even top 30 search results) for some areas. In the example of one business, 25 of the top 30 results (and 9 of the top 10) for their key search phrase were related to this business. The links either led directly to the business web page, their facebook page, the page of one of their sister businesses, news articles or other items related to their business, their twitter account, their business blog and the list goes on. That is what I call search domination and it’s possible, but takes time and work. I like to think of it as “all roads lead to Rome….” Now, they had an advantage in that their business name and domain name all match that search phrase. It’s still possible to have strong enough results to feel like you occupy a good number of the top 10 results on google for your keyword.

Although we are an Asheville SEO Company we do take on projects in other cities. We try to limit SEO clients to one business type in each town or city. I won’t work for two different plumbers in the Asheville area unless their focus is different (new construction vs. repiping existing homes.) The bottom line is that I don’t want to be competing against myself for search rankings and won’t accept clients in the same town where the search phrases would overlap.

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